WE ALMOST LOST BOCHUM by Julian Brimmers and Benjamin Westermann on Drive-In Tour

The documentary film WE ALMOST LOST BOCHUM by Julian Brimmers & Benjamin Westermann tells the story of the Ruhrpott AG, the best German hip-hop band that never made the made the leap into collective consciousness. A film about friendship, hip-hop, life and death in the Ruhr area. Before the film is released in the cinemas on September 2, it will hit the road for a drive-in tour.

20 years after the release of their classic “Unter Tage”, RAG takes stock. With only two LPs, rappers Aphroe, Pahel and Galla and producer Mr. Wiz have left their mark on the great German rap boom of the 90s.

“You don’t have to be a fan of German rap to love this film. It’s a story about friendship, the joy and the damage of success and what follows – and the universal ways in which hip-hop brought friends together worldwide.” Emma Warren (journalist, London, author of »Make Some Space«)

Companions like Jan Delay, Kool Savas, Marteria, Curse, Die Kassierer, Retrogott, STF, Creutzfeld & Jakob, Stieber Twins, MC Rene, Stephan Szillus and many more have their say.

The following dates are already confirmed:

Recklinghausen | 25 June | 8 pm | Autokino Recklinghausen

Cologne | 10 July | 9 pm | Odeon | Kölner Kino Nächte

Cologne | 14 July | At nightfall | Cinenova Open-Air-Kino

Wülfrath | 17 July | 9 pm | Autokino Wülfrath

Hamburg | 23 July | Zeise-Autokino at Heiligengeistfeld

Cologne | 24 July | At nightfall | Cinenova Open-Air Kino

Leipzig | 2 September | 8 pm | Passage Kinos