Two Hof Rendezvous films at SEHquenz

From Thursday, 12 March until Wednesday, 18 March 2020, the SEHquenz – Week of German Cinema will be taking place at the Central Kino in Hof. Then it’s off to the cinema to be inspired by the exciting selection of “Team Schmalfuß”. Within the SEHquenz program this year, two great Hof Rendezvous films will be presented: the documentary BUTENLAND (GRANIT – Hof Documentary Film Award for director Marc Pierschel) and the feature film LIMBO (VGF Young Producers’ Prize for Fabian Halbig and Florian Kamhuber). As at the Hof International Film Festival, the directors will be on hand to present their films.

In any case two films for all generations. In the tradition of the #oF Next school screenings, we invite all students to a reduced admission fee of € 3 (upon presentation of a valid student ID card) to BUTENLAND (FSK 12) on Thursday, 12 March at 7:30 pm and to LIMBO (FSK 12) on Saturday, 14 March, also at 7:30 pm, to experience cinema with Hof flair.

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BUTENLAND by Marc Pierschel

Director Marc Pierschel provides a change of perspective with his documentary film BUTENLAND. Butenland is a farm that has become a farm of life. With their project “Hof Butenland”, the former dairy farmer Jan Gerdes and the animal protection activist Karin Mück have created a place where there are no longer any working animals: A peaceful coexistence that seems almost utopian.

„The result is a tender film that hurts and invites us to think differently.“ Alice Agneskirchner, Hans Andreas Guttner and Thorsten Schütte, members of the GRANIT jury

Thursday, 12 March, 7:30 pm

Who’s coming?
Director Marc Pierschel

Further screenings:
FR 12:15 pm, SA 5:15 pm, SU 12:15 pm, MO 2:30 pm

LIMBO by Tim Dünschede

In 2019 LIMBO was awarded during the Hof International Film Festival with the highest-endowed young producer prize in Germany by VGF for Fabian Halbig and Florian Kamhuber of NORDPOLARIS.

When a young compliance manager comes across a money laundering network by chance, she has to act immediately. An unstoppable journey into the underworld begins. Her paths cross in an illegal bare-knuckle fight with those of an aging small-time crook, an undercover investigator and a Viennese gangster boss. LIMBO was shot in one take.

Saturday, 14 March, 7:30 pm

Who’s coming?
Director Tim Dünschede

Further screenings:
FR 10:45 pm, SA 8:15 pm, SA 10:45 pm, SO 10:00 am, MO 8:15 pm