THE ILLEGAL FILM legally in cinemas

Never before has so much been filmed and photographed. Much of it ends up on the Internet, so that reality and image are hardly distinguishable. The documentary film THE ILLEGAL FILM by Martin Baer & Claus Wischmann (HoF 2018) searches, in a fascinating way, for questions and answers in a mass of impressions that pelt upon us every day. See you again at the cinema on Thursday, 11 April 2019!

About the film: Since the beginning of time, mankind has been using images to create a picture of the world around us. Today, we take more photographs than ever before. Two billion images are uploaded onto the Internet every day. By the year 2020, over 45 billion cameras will be documenting our lives and the world. How do we deal with the world and its portrayal merging as one?

The film shows how quickly and profoundly our exposure to photos is changing: which images will we see and how will access to these images be controlled? How will new technologies alter the way we see the world? How will we move in a world in which “reality” and “images” are no longer distinguishable?