More Features and Short Films

The 53rd Hof International Film Festival 2019 will begin in just a few days. On Tuesday, 22 October 2019, the curtain will open for six days of films around the clock. We are proud to present further films from our international and national feature film programs, as well as a few short films.

Feature films

Director: Lothar Herzog (D)
Elena is a student in Minsk, Belarus. She has an intense but increasingly destructive love affair with Viktor. When her father is arrested, she has to drive into the closed zone of Chernobyl again and again in order to continue his illegal business. She is fascinated by the deceptive beauty – but soon her life seems to be contaminated by a destructive force…
With Daria Mureeva, Evgeni Sngadzhiev, Vitali Kotovitski, Helga Filippova

Director: Anna Hepp (Documentary, D)
In an exchange between the generations, the co-signatory of the Oberhausen Manifesto and pioneer of the “New German Film” meets a young director. The film takes on myriad questions, from personal biographies to the death of the cinema, and becomes a declaration of love to filmmaking itself.

Director: Michael Bartlett (D/USA)
In the style of the silent movie era – a story almost without words, in the sense of Poe and the Berlin fantasist E. T. A. Hoffmann. Two unconventional Berliners discover parts of a mannequin. Under the spell of the mannequin and with shocking consequences, they cross the boundaries of possibilities. A surreal vision of sexual evolution and misguided passion.
With Miklos Koeniger, Henry Akina, Sushila Day, Michael Bartlett

Director: Laleh Barzegar (IR/D)
Yalda has been trying to keep her marriage going for a long time. But in the end, there is no other choice, all that remains is divorce and she has to move back to her family. But they don’t accept the divorce and Yalda is forced to distance herself from her relatives. And as a result, her relationship with a fellow student, Hamed, intensifies.
With Sonia Sanjar, Arash Afif, Keyvan Mohammadi, Farrokhmehr Keyvan, Mohammdreza Barzegar

Director: Jeshua Dreyfus (CH)
On the 60th birthday of his father Karl, who brings the family together on a Shabbat, Simon intends to introduce his new girlfriend to his parents. But, as usual, they are busy with their own affairs and Karl reveals to his son that he has been sleeping with the new secretary. The mother spins her own intrigue and Simon gets entangled, more and more, in the complicated family web.
With Dimitri Stapfer, Dani Levy, Miriam Joya Strübel, Sibylle Canonica, Katja Kolm

Director: Roland Reber (D)
What is life? Is it the longing for a lover, the fear of aging, the rebellous fight for a dignified death, or the hunt for the most clicks? Is it just a show? The film paints a multi-layered picture of being and places the taboo subject of death back into the cycle of life.
With Roland Reber, Marina Anna Eich, Eisi Gulp, Antje Nikola Mönning, Christian Buse, Wolfram Kunkel

Director: Mikel Rueda (ES)
Ana will soon turn 50 and, on paper, her life seems perfect: a husband, two children, a great job and a beautiful house with a garden. But what happened to her dreams, to her longings? One day she meets the teenager Erik in a sex chat and they decide to meet…
With Maribel Verdu, German Alcarazu

Director: Isabella Sandri (D/I)
A young man and a young girl, traveling together in a mobile home through Southern Germany. Bickering, dressing up, dancing, laughing – he’s a seeds salesman, and she’s his doll. While dining at a restaurant, the owner notices the strange couple and the rare language of the shy little girl: Ladin. In Rome, police commissioner Milia Demetz is investigating in cyberspace and is on the trail of a paedophile network. When she discovers a girl in one of the anonymous videos, she is certain: the lasciviously photographed child is Magdalena Senoner, who disappeared at the age of five in South Tyrol….
With Cosmina Stratan, Moisè Curia, Anna Malfatti, Valeria Golino, Heio Von Stetten

Director: Andreas Schmied (A)
The beautiful loser life of the musician Georgy Hillmaier in the tingeling two-man band could have gone on like this forever. If he hadn’t been kicked out of his apartment and his band buddy hadn’t died of sudden heart attack. Georgy moves in with his sister Gitti, who works as a beauty consultant and waxing specialist. After some initial skepticism, she supports him in his new business idea and starts referring Georgy as a callboy to her customers.
With Thomas Stipsits, Claudia Kottal, Julia Edtmeier, Ulrike Beimpold, Barbara Schöneberger, Stefan Bernheimer, Adele Neuhauser

Director: Maria Diana Ventura (USA/D)
Karl and Albert come from different social and economic backgrounds. They share a longing to leave their small-town existence and their country and move to Barcelona. With their fine sense of humor and provocation, they decide to document their youthful adventures, their private conversations and feelings. They dream of one day being able to share their passions publicly and, thus, possibly become the voice of their generation. When they settle into the new city, they realize that life there is not as easy as they had hoped for. Their resistance to normality divides the two and their paths drift apart. Albert falls into personal distress. But pride and fear of revealing his secrets to his closest friend drive him to the brink of madness.
With Jannik Schümann, Nyamandi Adrian, Juan Lo Sasso, Romina Küper, Maria Dragus

Short films

Short films have always been a tradition in Hof, and a short film is shown before each feature film at the festival. In the meantime, there are also two short film programs of their own, the “shortStories” (kurzGeschichten”). The program captivates with 60 films this year. And the spectrum of genres and themes is quite diverse – from comedy and animation to thriller, drama or documentary, everything is represented. Thematically, the films, as well as the feature films, cover current and socially relevant topics: Migration, family, war, love or artificial intelligence.

In addition to the many new discoveries, a selection of short films by renowned directors will be screened this year, including: NIMIC by Yorgos Lanthimos (THE FAVORITE) with Matt Dillon and Daphne Patakis, HONEYMOON by Pauline Roenneberg (AM ENDE DER WIESE) with Huang Yangyang, Su Lide, Monika Manz and Gerd Lohmeyer, A.N.N.A. by Jan Speckenbach (FREEDOM) with Pascal Houdus, Marie Löcker and Sebastian Zimmler, as well as FRANZ by Adrian Goiginger (DIE BESTE ALLER WELTEN) with Vinzenz Wagner and Sylvester Groth.

Future Frames

Once again this this year, the Hof International Film Festival continues its cooperation with the European Film Promotion to present FUTURE FRAMES, the German premiere of short films by young directors from this year’s program of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival:

PRECIOUS by Irfan Avdic
(Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018)

PLAYING by Lun Sevnik
(Czech Republic 2019)

A SIEGE by István Kovács
(Hungary 2018)

(Latvia 2018)

KID by Gregor Valentovic
(Slovakia 2019)

GET READY WITH ME by Jonatan Etzler
(Sweden 2018)

(GB 2019)