In memoriam Hannelore Elsner

“We are very upset and sad about the sudden death of Hannelore Elsner. She has always been very attached to the Hof International Film Festival, especially to its founder and long-time director Heinz Badewitz. We will keep the great actress in vivid memory.”
Ana Radica, Chairwoman of the Cine Center Hof e.V.

“I’m still in shock. We met almost 19 years ago during the international cooperation for NO PLACE TO GO. At the Hof International Film Festival she was guest and fan at the same time! We are deeply affected by the death of Hannelore Elsner. This great woman, who took us to other worlds through her great performances over decades, has left us. We will miss you very much!”
Thorsten Schaumann, Artistic Director of the Hof International Film Festival