HoF Rendezvous: sneak review at the ‘Lodderbast‘ movie theater with Steffen Cornelius Tralles‘ FISH FOR THE HOSTAGE

Instead of the traditional Hof bratwurst, which – in the true sense of the meaning – doesn’t leave (almost) anyone feeling cold in front of the Central movie theatre during the Hof International Film Festival, director Steffen Cornelius Tralles serves FISH FOR THE HOSTAGE at the ‘Lodderbast’ in Hannover, the ‘smallest movie theater in the world’. The two brothers Piet and Herm had planned to pull off a quick little heist: in there, grab the cash, and away. But then there is an unforeseen hostage-taking… At the HoF Rendezvous, there will be a reunion with director Steffen Cornelius Tralles, with Wiebke and Johannes Thomsen, the hosts of the evening, and with Thorsten Schaumann, the Hof IFF festival director. Don’t miss out!

FISH FOR THE HOSTAGE, Director: Steffen Cornelius Tralles, 87 minutes

Thursday, 28 November 2019, 7:00 p.m.

Lodderbast movie theater, Berliner Allee 56, 30175 Hannover

normal fee: 10€ / reduced price: 6€ for students, apprentices und ‚HannoverAktivPass‘ holders (ID required)