HoF Rendezvous in Lodderbast Online Cinema with Tom Fröhlich’s INK OF YAM

On Saturday, 20 May 2020 at 8 pm, Tom Fröhlich’s INK OF YAM will get under your skin once again at the HoF Rendezvous in the Lodderbast Online Cinema.

Poko Chaim and Daniel Bulitchev’s tattoo studio in the heart of Jersualem is open to everyone, regardless of nationality, religion or skin color. In the often painful conversations, which sometimes even resemble to a confession, clients talk intimately about their lives in this controversial city, about their beliefs and fears in the perpetual conflict that often determines daily life here.

Afterwards there will be a live interactive (!) film talk with director Tom Fröhlich and the tattooists from the documentary. Join in!

Online cinema with the documentary film INK OF YAM by Tom Fröhlich (world premiere at HoF 2017)

Saturday, 30 May 2020 at 8 pm

Live Stream on » www.lodderbast.de

How much:
Free! Donation tickets for the distributor are available in the link in the live stream