HoF PLUS - Supporting program of the Hof International Film Festival

HoF PLUS – The supporting program of the Hof International Film Festival

Again and again, it is exciting to take a look “next to” the cinema auditorium to HoF PLUS, our supporting program of the Hof International Film Festival. We’ll start on Wednesday, 23 October with a question: » Can films be produced in the region? And the answer is: but of course, yes! Because that’s what filmmakers from (Upper) Franconia will present to us. They’ll talk about the opportunities and challenges of their work far away from the big film cities.

For the first time, we are organizing the » 7 MINUTES Pitch. At this closed event, concentration is of the essence: five selected filmmakers, who are still at the beginning of their careers, will have 7 minutes to present their new film ideas to five top-notch industry representatives. They will then give 7 minutes of feedback.

The afternoon discussion of » (SURVIVAL) MODELS on the 20th anniversary of FIRST STEPS is about life after film school. We meet long-time friends of the Hof International Film Festival who tell us about their “second steps”.

On Friday afternoon, » COUCH OR CINEMA SEAT will focus on film exploitation in the streaming age. Against the background of declining admissions, we’ll talk to cinema operators about case studies and solutions for the future of cinema. The Dutch streaming platform Picl will be presented as one such approach.

Our » club talks are always captivating and close to the audience. In an intensive exchange, not only do directors share their experiences in filmmaking, we also hear about in-depth details and the background stories of many of the films in the festival program and about the work of our retrospective special guest Samir.

All of this is only possible with the support of many helping and inspiring idea providers and, of course, the participants themselves. Many thanks to you all.