Experience WE ALMOST LOST BOCHUM in the Cinema

The documentary WE ALMOST LOST BOCHUM by Julian Brimmers & Benjamin Westermann tells the story of the Ruhrpott AG, the best German hip-hop band that never made the leap into the collective consciousness. One of the most important rap crews of the 90s with a moving story about friendship, life and death. And the Ruhr area.

Although they never reached the mainstream, RAG left their mark: Jan Delay, Kool Savas, Curse, Die Kassierer and the Stieber Twins tell in WE ALMOST LOST BOCHUM how much RAG inspired them, then and now. And what significance the group had for Deutschrap – far beyond the Ruhr area. 20 years after the release of their classic “Unter Tage”, RAG take stock.

“A moving film of astonishing pop-cultural relevance. It was long overdue that the RAG story be told.” Koljah, Antilopen Gang

WE ALMOST LOST BOCHUM is a monument to RAG and illuminates the first real high phase of German hip-hop. From Thursday, 10 September 2020 in German cinemas.