DIE RÜDEN and KOPFPLATZEN on the big screen

At last in the cinema – DIE RÜDEN mark their cinema territory. Biting dogs meet up with dangerous young men. In a dark concrete building a risky and controversial project beyond the questions of perpetrator and victim begins. Director Connie Walter celebrated a great success at the 53rd Hof International Film Festival and is bringing the film to German cinemas from August 20th.

KOPFPLATZEN: Director Savaş Ceviz presents Max Riemelt as the respected architect Markus. No one suspects that he has reprehensible sexual inclinations. He is a paedophile, but tries to control and suppress his desires. Markus is fully aware that he will not be able to keep the upper hand over his paedophilic inclinations for much longer. Starting this Thursday, August 20th in German cinemas.