Cinema Release of WE WANTED MORE

Remember last year…? Pure emotions, when 1981 women’s soccer world champion Petra Landers took part in the traditional Hof Film Festival Saturday’s soccer game and showed the boys who has the real stones? Petra was part of Germany’s championship team of 1981. A time when the German Soccer Federation more or less disparagingly tolerated women’s soccer (which used to be forbidden by law in Germany up until 1970) rather than seriously promoting it.

Since the interest in bringing to life the project of a female national team had been virtually nil, it was the national German record champions of the SSG 09 Bergisch Gladbach soccer club who were officially invited to the world championship tournament in Taipeh. In the movie, the team members recount the somewhat bizarre conditions under which they were living their dream of being soccer players – against all odds and with a great sense of humor.

“The audience’s favorite at the Hof International Film Festival.” Blickpunkt Film

WE WANTED MORE will be shown in cinemas from Thursday, 27 February 2020.