This is the fascinating documentary by Frauke Sandig and Eric Black (54th International Hof Film Festival). Now finally we can (re)screen the film in our favorite place. In cinemas AWARE starts on Thursday, 2. September 2021: What is consciousness? Where does it come from? Do all living beings have it? Can we reach a mystical state of pure consciousness? What happens when we die? Six brilliant researchers approach the subject of consciousness from radically different perspectives.

“Grand cinematographic images tell of the all-encompassing interconnectedness in nature and invite the viewer to embark on their own journey of consciousness…” (Kino-Zeit). And on this journey, we don’t even have to pack our bags. How convenient is that!

AWARE – GLIMPSES OF CONSCIOUSNESS, documentary, 102 minutes, direction: Frauke Sandig und Eric Black, theatrical release 02.09.2021, German distribution: » Piffl Medien