A CLEAR FELLING celebrates its Online Premiere

A CLEAR FELLING by Max Gleschinski, winner of the German Cinema New Talent Award at the Hof International Film Festival in 2018, celebrates its online premiere on Saturday, 11 April 2020. After the film, BASTalk presents a conversation with director Max Gleschinski in the live stream. The screening is free of charge for all viewers and is financed by the Lodderbast Kino in Hanover in cooperation with the film distributor UCM.ONE. All viewers are kindly asked to make a small donation for the director and the distributor. The donation link can be found in the livestream.

„Max Gleschinski’s debut film shows that there is indeed such thing as original cinema to be discovered far away from German film funding landscape. His film is a love drama and Heimat thriller, told in flashbacks, charged with genre elements and set in an East German world that offers space for the big questions of class differences, lack of perspective and the anger about the absence happiness.“ Süddeutsche Zeitung

„Of course, A CLEAR FELLING is genre cinema that boasts a booming soundtrack and fun with infernal violent cinematic effects. In its evocation of an almost Shakespearean love conflict, however, the film proves bold courage and even risks some rather silly jokes about a Saxon tourist family.“ Spiegel Online