49. Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2015

Film submission started for the 49th Hof International Film Festival

The regulations of the 49th Hof International Film Festival, October 20th – 25th, 2015:

Film submission

A film can be submitted only if it will not be screened or broadcasted in Germany or released on digital media before the end of the HOF FILM FESTIVAL. If a film already has a German distributor please inform us.

Please send a DVD and the entryform for selection to:

Internationale Hofer Filmtage
Heinz Badewitz, Director
Lothstraße 28
D 80335 München

Presented preview material will be returned to sender only on demand.
Deadline for entries: September 4th 2015 (Date of receipt)

  • Entryform

    Download the entryform for submission of films here. It comes as a editable PDF file. Please fill out the form and print it. To store the form is not possible.

Film material

We are open to any film genre, features or documentaries as well as short films. We accept DCPs matching the Digital Cinema System Specifications only.